KALAH - "Descent into Human Weakness" CD

KALAH - "Descent into Human Weakness" CD

FIRST 50 COPIES will be signed by the whole band!
Kalah’ is a Sanskritic word that points out the slight movement of the Moon that grows little by little, in order to become a full moon. A constant movement which is not always visible and is reflected in our music, bringing us to explore the dark side of humanity's actions, dreams and minds.
"Descent into Human Weakness" is an opera divided into 3 chapters.

I - "Descent"
1. Mantis
2. Titans of Dune
3. Six Feet Underground
4. Sand
II - "Human"
5. Ejecta
6. Pit of Violence
7. Red
8. The River
III - "Weakness"
9. Side Effects
10. Crows Calling at Night
11. Mermaids' Cry
12. Aphelion

Cover artwork by @Ars Fantasio @Oliver Wetter.
Mixed and Mastered by @Roberto Priori at @Pri-Studio.